Make Açaí a Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

The New Year is here, and I am sure a lot of us have made resolutions towards a better 2017 and are trying to see through them. This is a perfect time to make healthy changes in your lifestyle and achieve the desired goal. You may know that approximately one in three Americans resolve to better themselves in some way. The smallest percentage of people actually make good on their resolutions permanently. But most people stick to their goals for at least a week, and fewer remain on target after six months. So, let’s be the ones who stick to our goals and make them a habit!

Is one of your New Year resolutions to stay healthy and continue to eat towards better health? If yes, you are at the right place. Focus on your intention to stay healthy by incorporating açaí­ in your diet. Why açaí­? Because açaí­ is a super food and super good for us. You must be thinking what does that exactly mean? So, let’s review some of the benefits of eating açaí­.

Eating açaí­ can lead to an increased overall level of energy and stamina and may aid to combat fatigue and exhaustion. These berries are one of the planets highest sources of antioxidants, with one berry holding ten times the number of antioxidants as grapes, and two times the number of blue berries.

Beautiful skin – Açaí’s­ oil is added to some beauty products, due to the oil’s high antioxidant content. Açaí­ oil is a great natural alternative to chemical based skin-care products that harm the skin in the long-run. Imagine Consuming the berries can give your skin a healthier glow. Açaí­ is an integral part of Brazilian diet and they understand the benefits of consuming it in various forms.

Reduce cravings – Açaí­ is high in fiber and can help reduce overeating. Evidence indicates that it is associated with weight loss, insulin reduction, and glucose levels. 

Keep cells strong – One study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry found that polyphenolic compounds extracted from açaí­ reduced cancer cell proliferation by 56-86%. It is thought that açaí’s phytochemicals can stop the process of carcinogenesis on a molecular level, killing off tumorous cells before they multiply .
These anthocyanins also help in removing the free radicals that damage our body and reduce the breakdown of your skin, hair, teeth, and eyes.

Heart Health -The incredibly high level of anthocyanins in açaí­ positively affects cholesterol and reduces blood pressure. The natural ingredients of the açaí berry promote the health of blood vessels and render cardio-benefits when consumed.

Brain health and function – It has also been linked to increased mental function and sharpness of mind.

I am sure you are convinced that açaí­ is indeed a super food and should be an important part of our diet. Achieving smaller goals lead to more satisfaction. So, let’s start now, have a bowl every day!

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