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No one can say it better than our consumers. Please take a few moments to share your experience with Explore Superfoods. Simply fill out this form and send it our way. We’d love to hear from you!

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As an owner of a frozen yogurt shop, with a lot of experience in this business, I have to say the new Acai and Pitaya products from Explore Superfoods are the best on the market. Their smooth, creamy texture is everything you want in a smoothie or a bowl. You taste the pure fruit, it is not too sweet, and everything is made with natural ingredients. We loved it right away. We love the Acai so much that we now switched from our old distributor to Explore Superfoods…”


Hi, I have been ordering Acai from Explore Superfoods regularly for the last 3 months. The quality of the unsweetened pure açaí is excellent and they have processed and delivered my order extremely fast. When I had a question about the different products or recipes, customer service replied immediately and were very helpful and knowledgeable about their products.”


I’m absolutely happy with the açaí and Pitaya products from Explore Superfoods. The sales team is always on top of everything making sure I’m up to date with the orders and that I always get what I need. You guys are awesome, I’m absolutely happy with how you guys are supporting my business!”


Explore Superfoods sales team have been a big part of the success at our juice bar. They provide our popular açaí in our bowls sold right in store. Their products are always fresh and on time. Besides that, their customer service is like no other. Thanks to them we have been able to continuously provide our customers with a healthy, fresh, and unique açaí that they have grown to love. We thank them for all they do to help our juice bar grow and thrive.”


Great açai quality and variety of other great products and sizes. Customer service is the best. We love them! “


As a consumer I blended my smoothies with a leading brand of Acai. I didn’t know any better, I used what others were consuming; affected by the company’s advertisement. As with every market, there’s always a better product or service introduced, with higher quality, better prices, beating the companies who started the trend.

Once I opened up my upscale premium organic smoothie, juice and coffee shop I’m the heart of Greenwich Village, Manhattan, I had to have my chef experiment with every packaged acai available on the market. None really came close to the quality that Exlore Superfoods provided. Not only is their product “the” highest grade and best tasting on the market, but their customer service is absolutely on point; always there for you when you need them.”


I have to say Explore Superfoods team has a phenomenal customer service ethic. Quality is what makes them different & awesome. Our customers love their Acai taste & pureness. I would recommend these guys all the time!” 


Very good company . Always on time with their deliveries . Great stuff . I really recommend it ?”


My juice bar and Explore Superfoods have had a working relationship since my first juicery back in 2016. Their products make the difference in my smoothie menu.  I have had nothing but good things to say … even when there was an uncontrollable issue they always went out of their way for me and my places and would do whatever to make sure our experience(s) was top notch. Team is on top of their game and look forward to continuing our relationship.”


Pleasure doing business with Explore Superfoods. It is great to know that you guys guarantee the product quality. It speaks a lot about the company. I recommend it to everyone!”