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Açaí Organic Berry Pulp with Guarana

This combination features açaí with its foremost companion in taste, guarana. A match made in heaven, guarana accentuates açaí’s best qualities. This presweetened blend alleviates the need to add sweetener when making your favorite açaí blends in smoothies and açaí bowls. Best of all this enhanced combination of fruit embodies all of the nutrients that you love in the açaí pure unsweetened berry puree. Explore Superfoods Açaí Berry Puree with Guarana is perfect for the diet conscious. It has only 97 calories per serving and will keep you feeling and looking your very best!

All our açaí products are 100% wild harvested pure organic açaí berries sourced from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.

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Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

Açaí Organic Berry Pulp with Guarana

Ingredients: organic açaí pulp, organic evaporated cane juice, organic guarana extract, citric acid.


Gluten Free

Non Dairy


Omega 3