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Açaí Organic Berry Pulp – Pure Unsweetened

Explore Superfoods Pure Unsweetened Açaí Berry Pulp is the base product for all açaí creations. Pure unsweetened açaí is renowned for its unique taste that features a berry flavor with chocolatey and earthy undertones. It is a favorite among health enthusiasts and athletes for its wealth of nutrition benefits. Explore Superfoods Pure Unsweetened Berry Pulp mixes excellently with a combination of fruit in smoothies and açaí bowls to present the ultimate taste in fruit nutrition.

All our açaí products are 100% wild harvested pure organic açaí berries sourced from the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.

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Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

Açaí Organic Berry Pulp – Pure Unsweetened

Ingredients: organic açaí pulp, citric acid.


Gluten Free

Non Dairy


Omega 3