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Pitaya (also known as Dragon Fruit) is a vibrant magenta fruit that is indigenous to Southern Mexico and Central America, but is now cultivated in a few regions worldwide. Its name comes from the Taíno language spoken in the Greater Antilles, and means "scaly fruit". The Spanish are credited for being the first western culture to discover pitaya. Pitaya is the fruit of several different forms of cactus species, the red varietal in particular has a striking appearance resembling a droplet of fire, and thus is called Dragon Fruit in Asian cultures. Pitaya dons a subtle sweet flavor with notes of berry, pear, kiwi, and watermelon a hint of sour.

Pitaya is low in calories and is host to a multitude of benefits including phytonutrients, antioxidants, omega fats, vitamins and fiber. Pitaya has a high water content and will balance the body's electrolytes. Pitaya is known to improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, and boost energy levels. It is also known to fight cancer, heart disease, and lower blood pressure, along with other functions.

“The people of the Amazon have been eating açaí and pitaya to fuel their day for thousands of years. These are incredible nutrient dense superfoods that can be a great way to consume your daily dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants at any age. Now you can ‘explore’ healthy and fun meals to start your day.” 

Will Anderson, Founder of Explore Superfoods