Açaí and Protein

We all know that proteins are essential structural components of our body, but most people don’t know much more. Let’s dig into understanding protein more. It is an organic compound called polyamides, which are chains of amino acids.

Only twenty amino acids are commonly found in proteins; but they form a wide variety of structures with different properties and functions. Nature makes many different forms of protein from twenty amino acids, using permutations and combinations.

Why is protein so important? About 15% of our body’s mass is made of protein. Protein is essential to us since our body is constructed from protein molecules. Many of the large structures are made of protein such as muscles, cartilage, ligaments, skin and hair.

In addition to these large-scale structures that hold us together, smaller protein molecules play a vital role in keeping our body working properly. Hemoglobin, hormones, antibodies, and enzymes are all examples of proteins.

Our body can make most of the 20 amino acids needed to make protein but the ones it can’t make must be absorbed from the food we eat. These 9 amino acids that body can’t make are called essential amino acids.

Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of protein is 0.8 grams, per kilogram of bodyweight daily for the general population. This requirement increases for people who indulge in strength exercises and heavy physical work. Approximately 10% to 35% of our daily calories should come from protein.

You must be thinking how do we get these essential amino acids? Protein is a part of almost every food we eat; animal products contain all of the essential amino acids. Plant foods contain some, but not all, of these essential amino acids in adequate amounts. But eating a variety of plant foods throughout the day usually ensures that all essential proteins are consumed. So as long as we eat a variety of food, your essential amino acids requirements are covered.

Açaí has one of the highest amounts of protein among plant based foods. It is gluten free and great source not only for vegetarians and vegans but for all of us. Açaí has 19 of the 20 amino acids and dry açaí has 8 grams of protein per 100 grams. No wonder it’s called a superfood. It can be consumed in various forms during breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course dessert whether in a bowl, a smoothie or a cocktail. At Explore Superfoods, we harvest high quality organic açaí and bring it right to your doorsteps.

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