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We love sharing the magic of our journeys into remote regions of the earth to source nutrient-rich superfoods rooted in centuries of wisdom and use. We can’t wait for you to join us on our adventures through our blog “Notes from the Field,” and on social media. You can come along with us as we explore the Amazonian river basin, venture through the fields of Vietnam, and embark upon breathtaking explorations to source only the finest superfoods for you. Let’s share the journey as we Explore Superfoods. Together.

Beautiful People, The World Cup, and Açaí: A Fruit at The Center of American Cultural Diversity

he tender heart of America is being taken over by Brazil, and this time not because of the beautiful people or The World Cup. This time it’s for berries that palm trees along the Amazon […]

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Açaí a Berry in a Class of its Own?

Açaí is a unique berry inside and out, for a few reasons. Açaí is a palm fruit that grows on trees 60 feet tall. Açaí contains a unique nutrient composition that includes omega fatty acids […]

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Açaí is pronounced as Ah-sai-EE.

Açaí­ is a deep purple colored fruit that grows on palm trees and is native to the Amazon river basin. Açaí is a berry, just like the strawberry or blueberry and is known as a […]

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